LEAK: Conservatives and Classical Liberals to go to bed, New Britain set to watch.

Today mChallenge received an anonymous leak of the Conservative, Classical Liberal, and New Britain coalition deal. The deal in question is pretty standard, though overwhelmingly is in favour of the Conservatives, as to be expected.

Three out of the five (including Deputy Prime Minister) Great Offices of States are given to the Conservatives in this deal – Prime Minister, Chancellor, and Foreign Affairs. Classical Liberals are awarded Home Office and Deputy Prime Minister, as is custom, but interestingly New Britain receives no Great Offices. However, they do for some reason receive Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union – a now surely defunct office. Of the 32 cabinet positions the Conservatives take the overwhelming majority with 22. The Classical Liberals are a distant second with just nine, and New Britain are left with a measly one cabinet position.

In terms of immigration the coalition offers bog standard right-of-centre policy. The system they propose is a far stretch from the easing of immigration restrictions nigh on open borders that the Classical Liberals once offered whilst in government with the Liberal Democrats. All in all, a pretty standard proposal here, nothing much to pick out on.

The justice section is somewhat worrying. The need for two prisons with a 5,000 inmate capacity each shows that in the next six months the Tories-CLib-NB government wants to take the classic tough on crime stance that right realists love so much. The fact that a part of this section 1) doesn’t exist and 2) is hated so much they put it twice is also worrying. I can only assume by Treaty Ratification Act 2014 they of course mean the Treaty Ratification Bill 2015, given Royal Assent in September of 2015. This bill makes it so parliament, or technically also the people since it also lists referenda, has to vote on the ratification of treaties. What treaty does this possible government want to join so badly they’re willing to erode British democracy for? The Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership.

This is a bit strange, considering the fact that the UK isn’t in the Pacific except from the Pitcairns, so joining a Pacific-based treaty seems a bit far fetched. Surely if they want to join an economic treaty, why not join Mexico, Canada, and the United States in the new NAFTA deal?

For Cornish nationalists this coalition spells bad news. The deal doesn’t even consider a referendum on the matter, and instead takes a “we know best” stance. Scotland, too, is being forced out of the option for an independence referendum, I’m sure thanks to Duncs11. This is by far a shame, though it is to be expected from parties often dubbed as “rabid unionists”.

Should the deal pass all parties, then it looks set to be the government. Now of course I’m sure the parties are voting on other deals – I hear the CLibs might be voting on coalitioning with Labour and the LibDems, though this may just be an untrue rumour. LPUK are also out of the picture, and with more seats than New Britain and the Classical Liberals combined they would perhaps be the safer partner for the Conservatives and (assuming New Britain join in) would give them a majority – the challenge is the Conservatives are willing to work with Friedmanite. This proposed coalition is 4 shorts of a majority at 47 seats, but with LPUK likely to vote in favour of government policy due to broad agreement the left in parliament will be unable to form any possible coalition to match this one.

We will have to wait and see if the deal passes, and if a Blue-Grey-Pink coalition leads us for the foreseeable future.

Disclaimer – this isn’t the whole deal presented, just highlights

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